Welcome to GAL project website

«GAL – Galileo for Gravity» was a two-years project co-financed by the GSA – European GNSS Agency in the frame of the FP7 Transport theme.

The project received the grant no. FP7-287193, started on February 2012 and ended in February 2014.

Main goal of the project has been the study and development of a state of the art methodology for the determination of precise and high-resolution gravity field models from airborne surveys, thanks to the use of EGNOS and GOCE. The advantages of the use of Galileo have been pointed out.

The target of the project in terms of accuracy and spatial resolution of the estimated gravity field can be summarized as:

  1. optimal target: 1 mGal at a spatial resolution of 1 km;
  2. minimum target (i.e. the worst scenario that will give new acceptable information on all the requirements): 2 mGal at a spatial resolution of 3 km.


The team was composed by the following entities:

  1. Galileian Plus srl (coordinator of the Consortium) – Italy
  2. Politecnico di Milano, Polo Territoriale di Como – Italy
  3. The former Consorci Institut de Geomàtica  – Spain (from 2014 Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya)
  4. DEIMOS Engenharia S.A. –  Portugal
  5. The former Institut Geològic de Catalunya – Spain (from 2014 Instituto Cartográfico y Geológico de Cataluña)
  6. Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne – Switzerland
  7. Geonumerics S.L. - Spain